Will Weldon - comedian and co-host of Ugh! A Podcast - describes the "pleasant anxiety" that accompanies a crush, dating post-divorce and just how disgusting men can be. 

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America's sweetheart - the incomparable Josh Fadem (30 Rock, EagleheartBetter Call Saul) - talks about dealing with crushes as you get older and what constitutes an unhealthy crush. Special guest appearance by his adorable dog, Bobbie. 

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Yassir Lester (Key & Peele, GIRLS) and I talk about idealizing your crush, online dating, Robert Durst and all our favorite comedians.

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Lisa Curry is currently killing it out on the road with the #RoadKillComedy Tour. Before she left town, she sat down with me and discussed all the musicians she's had crushes on, "winning" vs. "losing" a crush, learning to surf and Axel Rose. 

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This week, my good friend and hilarious guest Sunah Bilsted ("Twitter Kills") discusses break-ups, Robin Williams, New York, and crushes so intense they'll make you puke.

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This week, Harry Moroz and I talk about high school growth spurts, Rebel Without A Cause, our mutual comedy crush on Trevor Smith and what happens when you like someone so much you put their needs before your own.

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Scout Durwood (The Mindy Project, Howard Stern) discusses her crush on Kermit the Frog, coming out, dancing burlesque and starting comedy in New York. Follow her at @scoutdurwood and check her out on "Funny Girls" premiering April 7th!

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Kasey Koop (Vh1's "Walk of Shame Shuttle") talks about romanticizing crushes from afar, breaking free from her small-town sexual repression and her undying love for Kathy Griffin.

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Eli Braden? More like Eli BAE-den... This week, we talk to Eli (Howard Stern, Fashion Police) about our most intense crushes, realstic expectations regarding monogamy and our mutual crush on Broad City.

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Merrill Davis (Still Punching the Clown, "Another Period") talks about growing up in Boca, her start in comedy and her friendship with Ed McMahon.

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