Storyteller, producer and host of RISK! LA, Beowulf Jones discusses the rush of endorphins and inspiration to create often brought on by a good solid crush.

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Baron Vaughn (Grace & Frankie, MST3K), talks about crushes, fleeting moments of intense attraction, dating the same person again and again, and what it's like working so closely with Lily Tomlin.

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Comedian, writer and filmmaker Joshua Turek talks about crushes, rejection, growing up a child actor in LA, our shared love of Jason Segel and working with Bob Saget.

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LA native, comic and literal rock star, Heather Jewett (Gravy Train), delivers a Podcast Service Announcement about the Jordan Catalano archetype of the 90s and what can happen if you let obsessive feelings derail your life.

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Jeffrey Baldinger, comedian and host of Flyover Comedy, talks about the crushes he had growing up in the Midwest and studying abroad in Israel, his favorite standup comedians and, of course, WAYNE'S WORLD

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Pauline Miliotis talks about the painful side of crushes, growing up Greek in Chicago, her love for John Mulaney and the importance of being self-reliant.

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Ester Steinberg (Montreal Just for Laughs) recounts her life as a reality tv actor and reveals how plot lines were constructed on Oxygen's "Funny Girls." Ester also regales us with stories about Orson, her most unrequited crush—and even calls him during the taping.

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Mike Glazer (Billy on the Street, TRUETH) talks about obsessive crushes, growing up in the Midwest, performing in Chicago, and his lost Yak

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Daniel Barron, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Yay! LA Magazine, talks about his highest highs and his lowest lows involving writing, art, bullying and crushes.

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Brock Wilbur, comedian and host of Brock Party, brings some darkness to this episode of CRUSHED. We discuss the fall of monogamy, Gamergate, the Trainwreck shooting and, eventually, crushes. 

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