Alyssa Onofreo (omgchomp, VidCon) talks about reading into coincidences when a crush is involved, social media's impact on her crush life, and Harrison Ford. 

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Comic Evan Kessler (VH1) talks about long-spanning unrequited loves that turn into lifelong friendships, doing standup in situations ripped straight from a Paul Thomas Anderson movie, and the crushing impact Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet had on our generation. 

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Comic Nicole Aimée Schreiber (CC's Roast Battle, Funny Girls) talks about sleepaway camp, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, improv vs. standup, and scores of sweet, sweet Equinox gym crushes. 

Direct download: CRUSHED_Nicole_Aimee_-_1318_7.22_PM.m4a
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It's post-Chanukah Christmas with The Cooties! Well, two-thirds of the Cooties... Ethan Edenburg and Eric Jackowitz are a coupla those Cooties! In this episode recorded in September 2017, Ethan and Eric discuss their different approaches to crushes and how they deal with texts they regret sending and other social media faux pas. They also promote shows that occurred back in October. Enjoy!! 

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Musician and comedy adjacent performer, Colleen Green (Netflix's LOVE, JASH, Power Violence), talks about music crushes, comedy crushes, and everything in between. 

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Danielle Kramer (Nerdmelt, JASH) talks about crushing on bullies while growing up in small-town Ohio before moving to the bright lights, big city of Chicago (to tour John Hughes filming locations with her betrothed). Danielle also breaks down her comedy crushes, leading Sarah to chime in and eventually single out Open Mike Eagle for being especially talented/smart/cool/rad/super dope and whatnot

Direct download: CRUSHED_Danielle_Kramer_Final_-_111617_10.51_PM.m4a
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Courtney Kocak, writer for Danger & Eggs and host of Reality Bytes, talks about having crushes on basketball boys and 4-H babes while growing up in small-town Minnesota. Sarah also reveals a small taste of a story about her college crush who turned into a great love. 

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"Comedy-adjacent" artist, illustrator and graphic designer, Jenny Fine (Nerdist, The CW), talks about anxiety-inducing crushes she had growing up in Minnesota, adventures in Israel, and life as an LA-based artist.

Jenny also did the art for CRUSHED Podcast! Check her out on Insta at @jfineoriginal and shop her work here. She's the best. 

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Writer, producer and standup, Robyn Morrison ("Mom," Fringe) talks about crushes she had as an ex-pat living abroad, carving out her own path as a standup, and working in TV. 

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Comedian, writer, filmmaker, and all-around mensch, H. Alan Scott (Latter Day Jew), talks about deep crushes, serial killers, his obsession with Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna, and Seal's "Kiss from a Rose," off the Batman & Robin soundtrack.

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