This week, my good friend and hilarious guest Sunah Bilsted ("Twitter Kills") discusses break-ups, Robin Williams, New York, and crushes so intense they'll make you puke.

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This week, Harry Moroz and I talk about high school growth spurts, Rebel Without A Cause, our mutual comedy crush on Trevor Smith and what happens when you like someone so much you put their needs before your own.

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Scout Durwood (The Mindy Project, Howard Stern) discusses her crush on Kermit the Frog, coming out, dancing burlesque and starting comedy in New York. Follow her at @scoutdurwood and check her out on "Funny Girls" premiering April 7th!

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Kasey Koop (Vh1's "Walk of Shame Shuttle") talks about romanticizing crushes from afar, breaking free from her small-town sexual repression and her undying love for Kathy Griffin.

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Eli Braden? More like Eli BAE-den... This week, we talk to Eli (Howard Stern, Fashion Police) about our most intense crushes, realstic expectations regarding monogamy and our mutual crush on Broad City.

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Merrill Davis (Still Punching the Clown, "Another Period") talks about growing up in Boca, her start in comedy and her friendship with Ed McMahon.

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JC Coccoli (Key & Peele, Chelsea Lately, Last Comic Standing) dishes about Pittsburg boys, her roots in reality TV and the home she carved for herself at the Laugh Factory and UCB. Follow her on Twitter at @JCcoccoli.

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This week, I chat with the lovely and hilarious Sina Grace, comic book artist and author of The Li'l Depressed BoyNot My Bag, and Self-Obsessed

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It's 2015 and CRUSHED is back! This week, we're talking to the one and only Dave Hill, comedian, host of the "The Goddamn Dave Hill Show" on WFMU and author of a really funny book called Tasteful Nudes. We talk about first kisses, making out and The Replacements. Check it out and follow Dave on Twitter at @mrdavehill

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This week on CRUSHED, my guest is Guy Branum (Totally Biased with W. Kamau BellChelsea LatelyG4). We talk about law school, online hookups, diva personae crushes, Annie Lennox, gender, dinner parties at Natalie Portman's house, and how great it feels to be "electrified" by someone.  

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