Erica Rhodes (Veep, Modern Family) grew up voice acting on "A Prairie Home Companion" and playing the cello, which means, spoiler alert: this episode contains an adorable Last-Night-of-Music-Camp-Dance crush story! Erica also talks about becoming an actor and moving to New York, "stalking" Vincent Gallo in LA (yup, THAT Vincent Gallo; relax, it was mostly just internet stalking), and the type of guy she's into now, as an adult woman (hint: it's psychopaths).

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Abed Gheith (Rick and Morty, Community) freely admits he knows more about crushes than he does about actual relationships. In this episode, Abed runs through all his biggest crushes, digressing often to comment on the movies and TV he holds dear. Hot tip: Abed is the IRL inspiration for Abed on "Community" and he's dope!

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Virginia Jones (Gothic American, "The Dork Forest") talks about moving to a new city in pursuit of a crush, doing standup in Portland pre-Portlandia, and her massive crush on Dave Hill. Virginia will be performing at Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen on March 26th in Los Angeles!

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Comedian Danielle Perez (Jimmy Kimmel, Put Your Hands Together) talks about asking your crush those pesky, panic-inducing yes-or-no questions and why Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" will haunt her forever and ever and ever.

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Alyssa Onofreo (omgchomp, VidCon) talks about reading into coincidences when a crush is involved, social media's impact on her crush life, and Harrison Ford. 

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Comic Evan Kessler (VH1) talks about long-spanning unrequited loves that turn into lifelong friendships, doing standup in situations ripped straight from a Paul Thomas Anderson movie, and the crushing impact Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet had on our generation. 

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Comic Nicole Aimée Schreiber (CC's Roast Battle, Funny Girls) talks about sleepaway camp, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, improv vs. standup, and scores of sweet, sweet Equinox gym crushes. 

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