This week on CRUSHED, my guest is Guy Branum (Totally Biased with W. Kamau BellChelsea LatelyG4). We talk about law school, online hookups, diva personae crushes, Annie Lennox, gender, dinner parties at Natalie Portman's house, and how great it feels to be "electrified" by someone.  

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This week on CRUSHED, writer and comedian Tony Carnevale (Vh1, Conan) details his crush chronology, his improv comedy roots, and wisely notes that "the greatest anitidote to crushes is familiarity."

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This week on CRUSHED, badass bombshell comedian Amaya Perea (The Daily Show), discusses how she played it cool with her childhood crushes while growing up a tomboy in New Jersey, which Disney Prince she wanted to lose her virginity to, and how she met her husband.

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This week on CRUSHED, my good friend Wanjiko chats about the very first crushes she can remember. We talk about her college roommate, that time she got catfished by a Tinder date and her forever crush on the woman she serves tea to every day. 

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This week on CRUSHED, Neel Nanda tells us all about falling hard for (almost) every girl he meets while performing on the road, crushing on overzealous Christian gals while growing up in Georgia, and his undying love for Laura Kightlinger.

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Welcome to CRUSHED! In the first episode, Ricky Carmona (Tosh.0, Wham Bam Pow! with Cameron Esposito) and I chat about crushes - what makes for a great "forever" crush, how to freestyle on a first date, Mrs. Huxtable's staggering beauty, and crunchy peanut butter. Special appearance by our executive producer, Brady Novak!

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