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Jul 9, 2019

The CRUSHED team has a hot summery replay pulled from the archives to tide you over until we come back from summer vacation next week! 

Writer, artist, and all-around wonderful person, Sina Grace, recorded this episode with Sarah at the tail end of 2014. Since then, Sina has gone on to do so much! He wrote the Ice Man series for Marvel comics, designed merch and provided art for long-time collaborator Jenny Lewis' 2019 album "On the Line," and debuted his most recent book series Ghosted in LA... Don't even get us started on Self-Obsessed—we'd run out of time! The real CHAI: Sina has done so much in the last four years since he's been on the show, we should really have him back. In the meantime, please enjoy this summer break replay and pick up a copy of Ghosted in LA today!