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Apr 28, 2017

Jeffrey Baldinger, comedian and host of Flyover Comedy, talks about the crushes he had growing up in the Midwest and studying abroad in Israel, his favorite standup comedians and, of course,

Apr 20, 2017

Pauline Miliotis talks about the painful side of crushes, growing up Greek in Chicago, her love for John Mulaney and the importance of being self-reliant.

Apr 14, 2017

Ester Steinberg (Montreal Just for Laughs) recounts her life as a reality tv actor and reveals how plot lines were constructed on Oxygen's "Funny Girls." Ester also regales us with stories about Orson, her most unrequited crush—and even calls him during the...

Apr 7, 2017

Mike Glazer (Billy on the Street, TRUETH) talks about obsessive crushes, growing up in the Midwest, performing in Chicago, and his lost...